Claire Vimont

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Sexploration is a collection of 5 sex education games designed for teenagers and adults. During my studies, I realized that teenagers had very little access to sex education, and that the tools used by associations were old and graphically outdated. So I decided to create games that are fun, colorful, positive and above all more inclusive!

The games are published by Topla.

Teaser of the games

The consent role play

This game aims to understand what consent is, in everyday life but also in our love and sexual life. One player chooses a “question” card, the other an “answer” card.

The person asking the questions has to guess whether the other player consents or not. If they are not sure, they can start a discussion, without pressure of course!

If I shrug my shoulders, do I consent?

The contraceptive map

After this game you will know 13 different contraceptives and how they work!

• Select the 13 cards with the pictures and place them in the right body part. Do you know how the contraceptive works?

• Now place the cards face down and find the pairs for each contraceptive: match the picture with the description, the effectiveness and the frequency of use.

Do you know the difference between the diaphragm and the vaginal ring?

The STIs quizz

You can learn more about STIs: how they are transmitted, how to protect yourself, and where to get tested.
This game contains 55 cards, each with a statement. Answer true or false and check your answer on the back!

Do you know if mosquitoes can transmit HIV?

The privilege game

This game will allow you to understand what privileges and discriminations are. Each player chooses a character and has to play it. For example: you are Louis, you are white, bisexual, you like sports and you are in a wheelchair.
The game master will read different situations: if you think your character has this privilege, take a step forward. If not, stay put.

How easy is it for Louis to get around the city?

No taboo

You will learn many new words to better talk about your feelings and sexuality.
In one minute only, you have to get your teammates to guess as many words as possible to be able to move across the board !
The categories are: sexual orientation and gender identity, sexual practices, pleasure and feelings, prevention and protection, and anatomy!

You don’t know a word? Don’t worry, there’s a lexicon.

Can you get your teammate to guess the word « cisgender”?