Jeu, sept & femmes

DID Collective

#game #illustration #pedagogy #feminism

You’re a graphic designer and you can’t even name 5 great women in visual communication field ? As a group of female graphic design students, we realized that we knew few notable women in our own field, and that our art and design history classes were mostly about the work of men. Are there so few women in the history of visual communication? Are they not good enough? Or is it just a matter of visibility? (Spoiler: it is.)

To celebrate these inspiring women, we selected 42 of them and created a 7-family card game.

The game was created during a 5-day workshop thanks to Cécile Nollier, Amélie Allegret, Clémence Gouy, Claire Vimont, Louise Courtel, Anaïs Ouattara, Camille Lambert, Alice Cibart, Anne- Catherine Klocker, Margaux Meunier-Le Cann and Charlotte Prévot.